The Borisography: N

National Lampoon's European Vacation B4.45 
FAT 85
The producers of the movie wanted Chevy Chase to look like a superhero, so Boris put his head on another body. 
Painting undated 19.
Nebula B4.68 Cover art for Starbridge, by A C Crispin.  That background is inspired by the M-42 nebula.
Painted 1989.
The Nebulan Horror B4.53 This was the first time Boris' son Dorian, then 8, posed for a painting, which was for a book jacket. 
Painted 1979.
Neryds B2.46 
Greek Mythology: 
Painted 1989.
Nessus BJ.29 
Ladies 82 
Greek Mythology:  Nessus was raping Deijaneira when Herakles shot him from across the river with an arrow poisoned with the blood of the Hydra. 
Drawn 1991
Never-Ending War BJ.15 
This picture appeared for January 1996. 
Painted 1995.
Night B1.03 
Painted for the 1990 mythology calendar. 
Painted 1989.
Nightmare B4.57 
This is an early piece of a genre Boris is not fond of (because of the excess of clothing).  Book cover for Ballantine Books 
Painted 1976, oil, 16 x 26 inches.
Nikatjef B4.H3 
1994 Calendar
In Carpathian mythology, a tribe of insects known as the Lakin was responsible for order and organisation in the world while a band of menacing goblins known as the Hestas was constantly working to create disorder and destructiveness. The evil Hestas would prey upon the eggs of the Lakin in an effort to eliminate them because, once the eggs hatched, the insects were too powerful a match for the Hestas. A sprite-like creature called Nikatjef was named guardian of the eggs in this battle for balance and harmony. 
This would have been for the 1994 calendar. 
Painted 1993.
No Place For Disgrace B4.22 Album jacket for the 1988 album of the same name by Flotsam and Jetsam.   Thanks to Diana Hunter for the information.
Painted 1988.
Noah's Ark B4.20 This piece has apparently never been published. 
Painted 1994.
Nomads B1.76 
Cover art for Nomads of Gor (Ballantine, 1976) by John Norman, and also the Czech version of Tarnsman of Gor.
Painted 1976.
Nothing But Trouble B4.42 This was a promotional piece for the Chevy Chase movie Nothing But Trouble.  Sadly, it wasn't used to publicise the movie. 
Painting undated.
Nubian Warrior B1.15 
FAT 45 
Portfolio 6 
April 1997
This piece is given the title Nubians in FAT.  The painting seems not to have been finished, presumably because of deadline pressure - see the detail image, where it is evident that only one of the goblins has had the final coat of green added to his face. 
Painting undated. 
Numdja B2.17 
Painted 1990.
Nyankopong and Elohda B1.83 
1990 calendar
Jamaican Mythology:  The Lord of the Sky, Nyankopong, caught Elohda, the Mother Earth, baking little people out of clay.  Some figures were still soft and white, while others who were baked longer were darker borwn, creating different races of men. 
Painted 1989.
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