The Borisography
Translation List

The works of Boris are to be found all over the Web, usually with images having names which are little more than his initials plus an arbitrary number. I haven't found all these references, let alone isolated all the duplications of images with more than one reference and references assigned to more than one image. I have compiled a partial list, however, which I include below. Note that there is considerable duplication in the BVn, BV0n and BV00n lists, but that they are not identical. The BV95nn files were found on the Swedish University Network computer, SUNET, but these images are actually from the 1996 calendar. Note that in this list, some paintings have several designations, and some designations refer to several paintings.

With any luck, this will be of some help to anyone wanting to know the correct title for images. If you know of any I have missed, I would be pleased to learn of it and include it in this list (please email me). Please note that some of this information may be incorrect Ė I am not trying to be rigorously definitive, but only to produce something useful.
actionf2 Action Figures
amazon Amazon's Pet
amazon_r Amazon Rider
amazons The Amazons
anath Anath Slays the Warriors
andromed Andromeda in Chains
ashtarot Ashtaroth
b1 Cover for 'My Lord Barbarian' (title not known)
b2 Unknown
b2card08 The Lasas
b2card19 Hercules
b2card20 Javelin
b2card31 Venus on the Half Shell
b2card32 Sachmet
b2card33 Onslaught
b2card40 Star Control
b2card47 Camunda
b2card48 Artemis
b2card49 Medea
b2card56 Pisces
b2card57 Aphrodite
b2card65 Amaethon
b2card71 Hawaii 3-O
b2card76 Swords and Serpents
b2card77 Stallion
b3 Mysterious Rider
b4 Gracus
b9501 Never-Ending War (Jan 96)
b9502 Salvo
b9503 Sunai (Mar 96)
b9504 The Supreme Goddess (April 96)
b9505 Pamati (May 96)
b9506 Duthina On The Unicorn (June 96)
b9507 The Myths of Raltarnee
b9508 Thorma (August 96)
b9509 Space And Time (Sep 96)
b9510 Bird of Evil (Oct 96)
b9511 Things Better Unmet (Nov 96)
b9512 Alabaster City (Dec 96)
b9513 Action Figures
basilisk Basilisk
birko Wrestling
boris01 Top half of The Moon and the Sun
boris03 Wolf Master
boris05 White Eagle
boris06 Cover of Red Sonja #6 Star of Doom (title not known)
boris07 Brotan the Slaver
boris106 Tarzan the Magnificent
boris12 Flight
boris14 Stone Idol
boris169 Dracula
boris17 Talisman
boris18 Against the Odds
boris185 Dragonís Knight
boris184 Alpnu
boris186 Queen of the Amazons
boris187 Dumbbell
boris188 Discus Thrower
boris189 Mother and Daughter
boris192 Secrets of Synchronocity
boris193 The Scarlet Menace
boris196 Knight on Wheels
boris197 Atlas
boris199 Mother's Child
boris2 Enchantment
boris20 Web
boris201 Egyptian Warrior
boris21 Sphinx
boris210 Amazon Rider
boris22 Excalibur
boris23 Seduction
boris26 Snake Women
boris3 Thirst
boris71 The Enemy Within
boris89 Vesuvius
borisv09 I Am A Barbarian
borisz01 Maya / Cancer, the Crab
borisz02 Scorpio
borisz03 Libra
borisz04 Virgo
borisz05 Leo
borisz06 Aquarius
borisz07 Capricorn
borisz09 Aries
borisz10 Taurus
borisz11 Gemini
borisz12 Sagittarius
bv001 Invictus 
bv002 White Magic 
bv003 She Vampire 
bv004 Last Stand
bv005 The Bride
bv006 Taurus, the Bull 
bv008 Lord of the Wolves 
BV008 The Furies
bv009 Molly Hatchett 
BV01 Dragon Prince 
bv010 Last Stand 
bv02 Blood Red, Sister Rose
BV02 Enchantment 
BV03 She Vampire 
BV05 Molly Hatchett 
bv05_ The Demon in the Mirror
bv05_s The Maker of Universes
BV07 White Magic 
bv07_s Aquilonian
BV08 Lord of the Wolves 
BV09 Primeval Princess 
BV1 Siren Song 
bv10 The Last Stand
bv11 Gryphon's Eerie
bv11_ Behind the Walls of Terra
BV12 The Victorious 
bv12_ The Flying Sorceror
bv12_s The Magic Ring
bv12v Arm
BV13 Scarecrow Angel
bv13_ Cover for The Guide to Barsoom
bv13v Unknown - drawing from Mirage
bv14 The Executioner
bv14_ The Dragon and the George
bv14v Drawing from Mirage (title not known)
bv15 The Magnificent
bv15_ A Hostage for Hinterland / Riders From the Past
bv15v Unknown - drawing from Mirage
bv16 Barbarian Queens
bv16_ Gateways in the Sand
bv16v Drawing from Mirage (title not known)
bv17 Dragon's Birth
bv17v Unknown - drawing from Mirage
bv18 Amazon's Pet
bv18 National Lampoon's Summer Vacation
bv18v Unknown - drawing from Mirage
bv19 King's Daughter
bv19_ The Dragon and the George II
bv2 Bursting Out
bv20 The Broken Sword
bv21 Freebooter
bv22 Red Amazon
bv23 Invictus
bv23_ Stone Idol / The Best of Leigh Brackett
bv24 Eternal Champion
bv24 Through the Reality Warp
bv25 Space Guardian
bv26 The Witch and her Familiar
bv27  The Maker of Universes
bv27 The Ice Schooner
bv27b  I am Barbarian
bv28 Haesel the Slave
bv28 Heavy Metal
bv29 Female Wrestlers
bv3 She Vampire
bv30 Chrome Robot
bv31 Corkscrew
bv32 Hatchett
bv33 Ape's Land
BV34 Counterfeit Lover/Soap
BV39  Golden Wings
BV4 Soap/Counterfeit Lover
bv4_s Gateway
bv42 In the Moons of Borea
bv44 Loch Ness Monster
bv45 Tree of Death
bv46 Colossus
bv48 The Mountain Beast
bv49 Sword Fight
bv5 Molly Hatchet
bv50 Android
BV54 The Victorious
BV55 Gryphon's Eerie
bv6 Full Moon
BV69 Eternal Champion
bv7 White Magic
BV71 Perseus Defeats Medusa
bv71 Wilderness
bv73 Mercenary
bv74 Adventurer
bv75 Flying Menace
bv8 Lord of the Wolves
bv8_s Tarnsman of Gor
bv83 Cover art for The Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo
bv9 Primeval Princess
BV9501 Acceptance
BV9501 Never-Ending War (01/96) 
BV9502 Big Brother is Watching
BV9502 Momak (02/96) 
BV9503 Sunai (03/96) 
BV9503 The Greatest Weapon
BV9504 Hieroglyphic Egg
BV9504 The Supreme Goddess (04/96) 
BV9505 Pamati (05/96) 
BV9505 The Sleeper
BV9506 Duthina on the Unicorn (06/96)
BV9506 Unseeing
BV9507 The Myths of Raltarnee (07/96) 
BV9507 Time is a Dream
BV9508 Flowering Nest
BV9508 Thorma (08/96)
BV9509 Space and Time (09/96)
BV9509 The End of Restless Sleep
BV9510 Bird of Evil (10/96)
BV9510 The Enemy Within
BV9511 Branched Out
BV9511 Things Better Unmet (11/96)
BV9512 Alabaster City (12/96)
BV9512 The Wings That Cut
BV9513 Action Figures
celis Celis
centaur flight Flying Centaur
cerberu Hercules and Cerberus
cesis Cesis
chromeguy Chrome Robot
conan Corkscrew
conanjok Corkscrew
daphne Daphne and Apollo
deathsta Deathstalker IV
dejanera Deijaneira and Nessus
dgnly Dragon Prince
discus Discus Thrower
diver Diving
dr_birth Dragonís Birth
dragon-t The Elvenbane
dr_wiz Dragonís Knight
drag-wiz Dragon's Knight
e2 Showtime
e6 Secrets
eerie34 (title not known)
equestri Equestrian
es-and-c Es and the Creation
fabv1 The High Couch of Silistra
fabv4 Nubian Warrior
fabv6 I Am A Barbarian
fabv8 The Protest
freya Freya
greenmon Untitled illustration from page 7 of FAT
gryphon Gryphon
gymnasti Gymnastics
hippocam Hippocampus
icarus Icarus in Flight
javelin Javelin
kamal Kamal
leda-s Leda and the Swan
lilith Lilith
living-t Live Tattoos
lizard rider Space Guardian
loria Loria
medusa Perseus Defeats Medusa
minotaur The Minotaur
naphold The Moon and the Sun
night Night
nikatjef Nikatjef
nomads Nomads
nyankopo Nyankopong and Elohda
demonmir Demon in the Mirror
realwarp Through the Reality Warp
pedrum Pedrum
pegasus Pegasus
phoenix Phoenix
pygmalio Pygmalion
pythones Thytonese
randy Mother and Child
rowers Rowing
runners Runners
seagods Manco Capac and Mama Ocuo
shot_put Shotput
sirens The Sirens
sorceres The Sorceress and the Dragon
suzannie Branched Out
suzle Suzle
thiassi- Thiassi Abducting Idum
thor Thor and Krungnir
torchbea The Torch
underwrl In the Underworld
unipeg The Myths of Raltarnee
universe Hammer Throw
valkyrie The Valkyries
water-ny Neryds
wbv0035 Chakra IV
weightli Weightlifting
yhtac Yhtac
boris-18 Elephant / Tarzan and the Castaways
b-15 Haesel the Slave
b-13 Cover art for Dragon Wars video game (title not known)
BV93-12 Hesperides and Ladon
b-11 Quest
BV93-11 Manticore 
bv-010 Hebat
BV93-10 Ilmarinen
b-09 Mayan Serpent
BV93-9 Bolla
bv-008 The Furies
BV93-8 Mahr 
b-07 Two-Headed Monster
BV93-7 The Dryads
boris-06 Golden Wings
BV93-6 Tinirau 
b-05 The Magic Ring
BV93-5 Quetzalcoatl
BV93-4 Condor Chuqui 
boris-03 In the Underworld
BV93-3 Kalevanpojat
bv94-3 The Sleeper
rbv-03 Tarzan the Magnificent
BV93-2 Jotun 
rbv-02 Tarzan and the Forbidden City
bv-001 Aurora
BV93-1 Mimir
rbv-01 Cover from 1978 Tarzan calendar (title not known)
BV93-0 Cherufe
03 She Vampire
05 Molly Hatchett
07 White Magic
08 Lord of the Wolves
09 Primeval Princess
11 Drawing from Ladies: Ariadne (title not known)
12 Drawing from Ladies: Medea (title not known)
13 Hercules
14 Circe
15 Pandora
16 Deianeira
17 Medea
18 Circe

Last updated: 10th February, 1999