The Borisography: A

Abgal B2.34 
April 1991
A sea god - but the particular myth cycle is not identified. I would guess Norse from the sound of the name. 
Painted 1990.
Acceptance BJ.30 
January 1995
Painted 1994.
Across The Heavens B4.38 Cover art for Berserker Kill by Fred Saberhagen.
Painted 1993.
Action Figures   Cover of Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix (sic). 
Painted 1995.
Adarbal B4.58 
1994 calendar
Chilean mythological figure who stood at a crevice near the Patagonian Mountains waiting for demons to burst forth from the underworld. He destroyed all but one, which escaped back into the underworld, and to which earthquakes are attributed.
Adventurer FAT 99 Book cover for Ace books: Flash Gordon 4: Forces from Federation, by David Hagberg. 
Painted 1980.
Against the Odds B1.49 
BJ.38 (sketch) 
Portfolio 17 
January 1986
Book cover for Tor Books, probably Conan Against the Odds
Painted 1984.
Alabaster City BJ box card 
December, 1996
Painted 1995.
Alien Visitor B3.70 
The original painting did not include the alien, which Boris later added to make the picture more saleable. 
Painted 1990.
Alone CD1 
The titles of Alone and First Love are interchanged on the CD. 
Painted 1980. 
Alpnu AC.4 
Portfolio 11
January 1990
The Etruscan goddess and guardian of the gates to the underworld.
Amaethon B2.65 
February 1991
British mythology, possibly a harvest god. 
Painted 1990.
Amazon Queen sketch B2.43 The final painting is identified elsewhere as Barbarian Queens
Sketched 1985.
Amazon Rider B2.26 
Painted 1983.
The Amazon's Pet FABV.22
May 1981
Painted 1972, oil, 18 x 24 inches.
The Amazons B1.87 
May 1990
Painted 1988.
Amber B.89 A fairy preserved in a piece of amber and used as a paperweight. 
This was used as the cover for Talisman (Penguin/Roc, 1994), a collection of stories, in the Earth Dawn series, edited by Sam Lewis. 
Painted 1994.
Anath Slays the Warriors B3.08 
January 1989
Hebrew myth: Anath, a fertility goddess as well as the Goddess of Love and War, lured a troop of warriors to her temple, ostensibly for a celebration. Once they were there, however, she slew them all single-handedly. Subsequently she cleansed and perfumed herself and, as if in benediction, the heavens sent down rain. This symbolism is connected with the ancient Semitic belief in blood as the essence of life, not only in terms of human and animal life, but also in terms of agriculture. [BR] 
Painted for the 1989 Mythology calendar. Models were ex-wife Doris and son Dorian. 
Painted 1988?.
And Then There Were None CIS.6 
November 1998
Planned to be used by Crusade For Kids in their anti-drug crusade. 
Painted 1995.
Android B2.52 
FAT 39
Cover for Crisis on Citadel II by David Hagberg (Ace/Tempo, 1980) which is book #3 in the Flash Gordon series. The title is that which appears on the cover: throughout the rest of the book it is entitled Crises on Citadel II!
Painted 1980.
Andromeda in Chains B3.69 
February 1989
Greek mythology: A sea monster was ravaging the countryside and the princess Andromeda was to be sacrificed to him that he might cease his destruction. Perseus, on his way home to Seriphos, having slain the Gorgon Medusa, happened upon Andromeda chained to a rock in the sea. He saved her by pulling Medusa's head from its pouch and turning the monster to stone.
Angel B2.61  Painted 1979
Angel II B2.67 
Painted 1984.
Antecorn B2.68 
This painting is referred to in the introductory text for Mirage as Daydream, although Mirage gives no titles. The title given is taken from the trading card set. 
Painted 1981.
Antennae B4.06 One of a serious of paintings for an advertising campaign for Chess King, presumably a clothing chain. 
Painted 1985.
Apache Wells B1.74 
Book cover for Apache Wells by Robert Steelman, published by Ballantine Books. 
Painted 1975.
Ape's Land B1.16 
FAT 125 
1982 calendar
Book cover for The City (Pocket Books, 1979) by Jane Gaskell, book #4 in The Atlan Saga
Painted 1979.
Aphrodite B2.57 
Greek Mythology. 
Painted 1989.
Aquarius, The Water Bearer B2.24 
1988 calendar
1988 Zodiac calendar. 
Painted 1987.
The Aquilonian B2.75 
Book cover for Conan of Aquilonia by L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter 
Painted 1977, oil, 17 x 27 inches.
Arachne 4.14 
Ladies 152
Story Illustration. 
Painted 1991.
Archer B4.51 Painted 1987.
Archery B3.50 
1987 calendar
Centrepiece for the 1987 Fantasy Olympics Calendar. 
Painted 1986.
Archie CIS.5 Ad campaign for Michelob beer?
Ariadne B3.56 
Ladies 38
Greek mythology: Ariadne was the daughter of King Minos.  She gave Theseus the thread that helped him find his way out of the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur. 
Painted 1991.
Aries, The Ram B2.28 
1988 calendar
Painted 1987.
Arm CD1 
Pencil drawing, 1982.
Arriving In The Big City B4.16 Cover art for Unwillingly to Earth by Pauline Ashwell.
Painted 1992.
Artemis B2.48 
Roman mythology: Artemis was spied on by a hunter as she bathed in the river. When she discovered him, she turned him into a deer so that he was torn to pieces by his own hunting dogs. 
Painted 1990. 
Note: in the Best Of Boris set, the titles of cards 64 and 34 are interchanged.
Ashtaroth BJ.M2 
1994 calendar
Arabian myth: The goddess of the moon in Phoenician mythology, Ashtaroth is represented as a beautiful maiden reclining on a crescent moon. Her cult was strongly connected to those of both Venus and Aphrodite and, like them, she represented sensuality. 
Ashtaroth was a pagan goddess. 
Painted 1993?
Assassin of Gor B3.41 
Book cover for Assassin of Gor (Ballantine, 1976) by John Norman.
Astarte B4.10 
1994 calendar
Syrian and Phoenician mythology: Goddess of war, mistress of horses and chariots. She captured her horse Baldium from a herd of carnivorous horses of the underworld. The steed fed off the souls of slain warriors, gaining strength and power from his macabre feast. 
Painted 1992.
At The Door B.10 
Images of Josephine
Cover art for Paradox magazine. 
Painted 1994.
At The End Of The Day CIS.7 This piece was done specifically for the Comic Images Supreme card set. 
Painted 1995 or 1996.
At The End Of The World CD1 
FAT 43 
1982 calendar
Painted 1979.
At The Shore B4.55 Sketch appears to be undated.
Atlas B1.85 
Portfolio 27
The Greek god who holds up the world. 
Painted 1988.
Aurora B2.66 
Roman goddess of the dawn, after whom the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis are named. 
Painted 1990.
Ax B3.31 
Sketch done for Playboy magazine, but rejected as not sufficiently explicit; project then abandoned.
The Ax-Man CIS.2 
July, 1998
Painted for use on a T-shirt by Crusade For Kids. 
Painted 1995.
Aztec King B3.25 Boris was the model for the king. 
Painted 1979.
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