The Borisography is a guide to the published artwork of Boris Vallejo.
Nigh on 700 images are catalogued here (Boris is a busy man).

Last updated 27th September, 2000 - click here for the update history.

Welcome to the new home of the Borisography.
Thus far, this is a simple copy of the previous one.
I hope to get the major revamp underway soon.
(Guilt-provoking date-stamp: 21st June, 2000)
(Newsflash: Some progress made, stalled again - 27th September, 2000)

An apology to everybody who has sent me information:
I have not yet found the time to update these pages, for reasons
I won't bore you with.  It will happen, one day.
Basic statistic: around 200 images to come, and much information.

Featured picture: humorous or showing extraordinary virtuosity

Mother's Child

This is the master index.
Further information is in the following pages:

Ethos and rationale, and conventions used

Alphabetic by Title
Aphabetic page map
Trading card sets
Miscellaneous sources
Unidentified images
Translation List

Links: Kenny and Ruth's Artwork Central
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These pages were prepared by Hercules Gunter of Western Australia, and extensively corrected and updated by Bernard Rogers (typos and factual corrections).  Technically, I suppose, I own copyright to the layout and text of these pages.  Since this is merely a documentation of the work of a great artist, this is something of a nonsense.  Feel free to copy these pages as you see fit (someone has suggested that they would be useful as an index to one's own collection of images if one added links to the full-size images).

I offer thanks to the following people, who have helped me correct my work or provided additional information for inclusion in the Borisography:

Really Major Contributors:

Bernard M Rogers, UK
Mike Lewis, USA
Larry Kinney, USA

Other Contributors

Adrian Heath, UK
Damian Sheiles, Western Australia
Sergey Okun, Russia (who has a very informative Web site)
Evgeniy Nikolaenko, Russia
Paul Leonard, Australia
Geert Damhoff, Netherlands
Diana Hunter, (USA?)

And, of course, I offer my gratitude and deep admiration to The Master himself, Boris Vallejo, for all the pleasure his work has brought to me and to so many others, and for all the beauty he has captured for us to enjoy.