The Borisography
Update History

5th March, 2000
Added the date of Noah's Ark
17th November, 1999

Added notes for No Place For Disgrace.

13th November, 1999

Added an identification of Unknown 23.
Updated the Books page with notes about Hindsight, Dreams and the upcoming retrospective.
Included a list of titles of images in Dreams.

24th October, 1999

Added Prime to the OP page.
Added Knife 5, the fob watch and stamps to the Notes page.
Added Boris Book 1 and Book 2 (images to follow).
Added Calendar 2000.

4th July, 1999

The "pick" image was changed a few days ago to the San Diego sketch;
thanks to Larry Ross for sharing.
I have now updated some of the information sent to me over too long a period.
Too many of the alphabetic pages have changed to make it worth noting them all.
The 1979 calendar page has been added - only 3 images were by Boris.
New images: Discovery of America, Stella.
I finally bit the bullet and decided that Secrets of Synchronicity is the title I'll carry,  The alternative spelling
of Synchronocity I will ignore on the basis that the majority of references are to the other spelling.
Added the missing Gor images to the 1983 calendar.
Removed a number of now-identified images from the Unknown page.

18th April, 1999

Identified Unknown 2 as Slaves of the Empire #5: Corissa the Vestal Virgin.
Fixed the error in the Boris 2 page - invalid image for Chakra (actually Chakra 3).
Added the Boris 4 Autograph card image.
Added Knife 4, Sorceress of Passion, to the Notes page.

10th February, 1999

Fixed errors on the Mirage page.
Reinstated the image for December 1998 calendar.
Added the title for the 1997 calendar cover image.
I have separated the Burroughs and Conan trading card sets from the book covers.
From the Cards page you will get a page with just the cards.
From the Books page you will get a page with the book covers.
Having recently acquired the cards, expanded the information on Panty Raid (OP page),
and added Hatch-Mech, otherwise known as B4.H6 (see the Boris 4 and H pages).

8th February, 1999

Corrected the Red Sonja page and the 1983 Calendar page.
Corrected the text on the Marvel Masterpieces 96 page,
describing the card ordering more accurately (not important, but I like to be clear).
Corrected the image for Conan the Triumphant.

The big news, again thanks to Larry Kinney and Boris himself: many unknown images now identified.
These will be left on the Unknowns page for a while, with the titles added.
This saves me identifying the updated alphabetic pages individually, of which there are so many.
As a consequence of these updates, all the Mirage paintings are now titled.
The 1998 calendar centrepiece has also been identified.

3rd February, 1999

Added the 1983 Fantasy calendar at long lost (thanks to Larry Kinney).
I hope one day to be able to provide the images, but for the moment I have at least titles.

9th January, 1999

Fixed up the images for the 1981 calendar, based on information
received from Mike Lewis in early October last year - sorry about the delay!

6th January, 1999

Updates to the calendars - thanks to Mike Lewis for this information.
1985 Calendar added, previously no information at all.
1989 Calendar reorganised to get the months right, and cover and centrepiece added.
1990 Calendar has some errors removed, and the remainder rearranged and dated correctly.
That leaves just the 1983 calendar unknown.

16th December, 1998

Added Knife 3 to the Notes page.

28th November, 1998

Made some adjustments to the Fantasy Art Techniques book page,
being errors and inconsistencies noted by Geert Damhoff.
Added the Boris Vallejo Paper Tiger Miniature book.

20th November, 1998

Updated the Chakras images on the C page.
Added Mad Cuts the Baloney to the M Page.
Added Orion and Prelude to Foundation to the OP page.
Added Winds of Altair to the WXYZ page.
Major revision to the translate list.
Corrected the title of the second knife (Notes page) from Mistress of Desire to Empress of Desire.

13th November, 1998

Removed Unknown 11, now known to be Perit, and added it to the 1991 calendar.
Perit has also been added to the OP page.

7th November, 1998

Updated the Trading Cards page to identify the image on the Hyborian Gates Ancient Gate card.
Removed the note on the Boris 3 page about splotchy images, as this is no longer true.
All these images are now derived from sources other than prismatic cards.

30th October, 1998

Added Boris Vallejo's 3D Magic to the Books page.
Supplied the title for knife 2.

17th October, 1998

Added Time for Yesterday to the Star Trek page.
Added the missing images to the Edgar Rice Burroughs page.

16th October, 1998

 I wasn't going to do any updates till I'd finished the database - but I have.
In a sudden frenzy of enthusiasm, because I think it's so good,
I've done quick scans of the 1999 calendar and put up a page.

13th October, 1998

Added the Translate List.

9th October, 1998

Added The Boy Who Saved The Stars to the Books page.
Added Midnight Angels to the Miscellaneous page.
Updated the Unknown Images page.

4th October, 1998

Added the last four images for the 1978 Tarzan calendar page.

3rd October, 1998

Completed the Marvel Masterpieces scans.
Added the second knife to the Miscellaneous and Notes page.

28th September, 1998

OK, I've been nagged into it
(you know who you are - and you're supposed to look guilty, not smug).
The Marvel Masterpieces page now includes images.

30th August, 1998

 Replaced the thumbnail images for Aztec King and Sunset Attack (B3 nos 25, 64).

18th July, 1998

Adjusted the Worlds of Boris page to remove the footnote and reference WOB.19 to the Red Sonja page.
Added a note to the Unknowns page regarding unknown 21.
Fixed the Fantasy Art Techniques page
- fixed the broken link for the Busch Gardens illustration
- to refer to freeboot.jpg instead of sorcerss.jpg.
Deleted sorcerss.jpg, as it is no longer referenced anywhere.
Updated the Star Trek page with more images and books.
Updated the Conan page with more images and books.

17th July, 1998

Corrected errors on the Star Trek page - removed duplicates and a mis-attributed
Keith Birdsong image, added most missing images, added omissions.
Added the 1991 calendar page (hoping for complete information soon).
Replaced the Iron Man image with a much-improved one.
Updated all the alphabetical pages with corrections and additions.
Added a page of Red Sonja books.

11th July, 1998

 Added Conan the Aquilonian to the Conan page.
Added the Star Trek page.
Added Panty Raid (see H5, right at the end).
Added the Oddities section to the Notes page.
Added the Notes page to the Miscellany page.

30th June, 1998

Removed Berserker Man, this apparently being attributed to Tony Roberts at  If I ever see a copy of the book, I'll check.

27th June, 1998

No updates recorded in nearly three weeks - I have been slack!  What I've done:
 Updates to the Books pages.  The books index page has been reformatted.
The Burroughs and Conan pages are now referenced here, and have been updated.
Further books pages are still to be added.
Duplication in the Mirage images has been removed.  This means that all the images
Mirage00 to Mirage29 are superfluous, except for 06, 16, 17, 18, 21 and 27.

6th June, 1998

Added Battletech images, Berserker Blue Death and Barbarella to the B page
and uploaded the image file for Berserker Man (sorry about the omission).

24th May, 1998

 Image upgrade complete! (except for Shotput, which will be upgraded as soon as possible).
Look for a few more "unknowns" in the near future, and other additions
derived from the official Boris and Julie site.
Fixed a typographic error in the title of Manco Capac and Mama Ocuo (not Mama Ocllo).

20th May, 1998

Image quality upgraded as far as P.
Added the 1984 calendar page.

17th May, 1998

Image upgrade completed as far as N.
Corrected an error on the N page: Nessus is not on CD1.
Added the 1978 Tarzan calendar page (information supplied by Mike Lewis, USA).
Updated the FPG Stickers page to include images of the stickers.

15th May, 1998

Image upgrade complete as far as M.

9th May, 1998
Image upgrade completed up to H.

2nd May, 1998

 Updated images up to and including D.
Added In Search of the Horned Beast.

30th April, 1998

1982 calendar completed with Red Sonya, also added to the R page.
Images resized and improved for all Cs.

29th April, 1998

Image size increased for the Bs and for Archery.
1980 calendar now includes the images for March, June and August (thanks to Mike Lewis).
Added the new calendar images to the alphabetic pages also.
Bernard Rogers is now co-producer, correcting typos and adding publication information.
Bernard's corrections are complete up to B; more to follow.
Cross-links added for the alphabetic pages.

24th April, 1998

Corrected source information for Angel and Angle II.
Increased image size for the As.

17th-18th April, 1998

Added The Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo,
and updated all alphabetic and ERB pages with relevant information.
Note that all images on the FABV page have a minimum dimension of 120 pixels,
a change which I will carry through to all images (in the fullness of time).

 10th April, 1998

Numerous additions to the alphabetic section, recording book covers on which artwork featured.
Added New Visions Of Vampirella, The Ultimate Sin.

 1st March, 1998

 Added the Star Trek Master Series mural to the "miscellaneous card sets" page.
Amended notes for Gryphon, Star Trek.
Added a link to the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 page, previously designed and uploaded, rather pointlessly

28th February, 1998

Added the 1980, 1982, 1986 and 1992 calendars, courtesy of Mike Lewis.
Corrected the 1987 calendar, also courtesy of Mike Lewis.
Guess who just got lucky and acquired a bunch of old calendars!
Some previously "unknown" images now identified from these calendars.
Index page redesigned.

22nd January, 1998

Corrected the horrible error with the 1998 calendar.
Added the rest of the Keepsake collections.

17th January, 1998

A complete revamp.
Background graphic made paler, so things should be more readable.
Images are now in subdirectories, so things should download more quickly.
Some adjustments made to the Unknowns page.
A few typos corrected, and information added.

Earlier update history deleted

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