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Of Men and Monsters CD1 
FAT 46 
June 1997 
1982 calendar
Book cover for Ballantine Books: Of Men and Monsters by William Tenn. 
Painting undated.
On Top, Alone BJ.37 Book cover painting for Battletech: Bred For War by Michael A Stackpole. 
Painted 1991.
Onslaught B2.33 
Because of deadline pressures, Boris found himself having to use a female model for both figures. 
Painted 1991.
The Ophiuchi Hotline B4.70 An early work for Dell Books: The Ophiuchi Hotline by John Varley. 
Painting undated.
Opium Dream BJ.16 
Painted 1981.
Orion Book cover Painted 1983.
Orpheus and Eurydice BJ.42 
Greek Mythology: Orpheus was a warrior and musician with a voice of surpassing beauty.  When his wife Eurydice met an untimely death, he charmed Hades himself into letting him lead Eurydice back to the world of the living. 
Drawn 1991.
Over The Hill BJ.81 Commissioned by a German company which flew Boris to Germany to discuss the concept over dinner. 
Painted ?.
Pamati BJ.28 
May 1996
Painted 1995.
Pandora B2.03 
Greek Mythology:  As a divine jest, Pandora was given a box which she was told not to open.  Pandora indeed opened the box, and out rushed all the woes of mankind.  When she snapped the lid shut, all that was left was Hope. 
Painted 1989.
Pandora B3.14 
The story of Pandora is told above.  The book Ladies also has a pencil drawing of Pandora. 
Painted 1990.
Panty Raid B4.H5 Cover for National Lampoon.  The girl is aiming a gun; the youth has a bullet-hole under his left hand.  The youths were modelled by brothers Anthony and David Palumbo, the sons of Julie Bell, Boris' second wife.
Painted 1991.
Paradise Alley B4.13 This was painted as a poster for the movie of the same name, apparently featuring Sylvester Stallone.  The painting was not used to publicise the movie. 
Painted ?.
Parting Seas BJ.08 This was the first of a four-painting advertising campaign with a Biblical theme. 
Painted ?.
Pedrum B4.33 
1994 Calendar
Celtic mythology describes Pedrum as an evil spirit of the mountains who lived in the heart of rocks. He would emerge on rainy days and capture unsuspecting travellers, sucking them into the rock and crushing their bones. The souls of the victims added to his strength. Pedrum was eventually defeated by a gorgeous woman warrior named Maline, who was armed with an enchanted hammer. At the moment of his death, the surrounding rocks changed back into the people he had slain. 
Painted for a calendar, presumably that of 1994. 
Painted 1993.
Pegasus 1992 calendar Greek Myth: Pegasus was the winged horse who sprang from the "wise blood" of the Gorgon (moon goddess?) Medusa when she was slain by Perseus.  When Perseus was flying home on the back of Pegasus, he rescued his future wife, Andromeda, from being sacrificed to a sea serpent.  Pegasus is considered to be symbolic of a Hero's journey to heaven. 
Painted 1991.
Perit Nov 1989 No further information as yet.
Persephone B3.55 
Greek Mythology: Persephone's beauty so bewitched Hades that he stole her away.  Hera interceded on her behalf, so that she spends half her time with Hades and half her time in the world above ground; while she is above ground, Hera mourns and the world turns wintry; when she returns above ground, flowers bloom and plants grow. 
A pencil drawing with the same name is featured in BJ.88 and Ladies
Painted 1991.
Perseus Defeats Medusa B3.67 
1989 Calendar
Greek Mythology:  Perseus had been sent to destroy the terrible Medusa, a once-beautiful woman whose hair had been transformed into snakes by Athene. To aid Perseus in this quest, Athene gave him a highly polished shield to use as a mirror.  Thus, in the fateful confrontation, he could avoid looking directly at the Medusa herself. 
Painted 1989.
Phantom Of The Sea B1.56 
1982 calendar
Book cover for Conan of the Isles by L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter, ACE Books. 
Painted 1977.
Phoenix B3.C2 
1992 calendar
Greek Mythology:  The Phoenix is an immortal bird which is periodically consumed by fire and reborn from the flames. 
Painted 1991.
Pisces B2.56 
1988 Calendar
Zodiac sign. 
Painted 1987.
A Place Beyond Man B4.88 
Cover art for A Place Beyond Man by Casry Neeper.
One of Boris' first ten book-cover paintings.  In his early days as an illustrator he often used himself as a model, and modelled all the figures here. 
The Poochie-Oochies B4.27 One of the series of Chess King clothing advertisements. 
Painted 1985. 
Detail of a quite adorable Poochie-Oochie: 
Power B4.80 Painted 1988.
Power BJ.80 One of a series of ads for Joe Wieder. 
Painted 1987.
Prelude to Foundation Book cover Cover for Isaac Asimov's Prelude to Foundation.
Painted ?
Prime Comic cover Painted as the cover of a new issue of Prime magazine.  A centrefold of the image without the cover text was included in the centre.
Painted 1994
Primeval Princess B4.37 
FAT 40 
1982 calendar
Book cover for Portal Publications. 
Painted 1977, oil, 22 x 28 inches.
The Prisoners B2.87 
Cover for Some Summer Lands (Pocket, 1979), by Jane Gaskell, which is the 5th and final book in The Atlan Saga
Painted 1979.
A Private Cosmos B3.C5 
Book cover for the book of the same title (Ace, 1981) by Philip José Farmer. 
Painted 1977, oil, 17 x 27 inches.
Prophet Cover art for Prophet #1, a comic book.
The Protest FABV Painted 1967, oil, 30 x 40 inches.
Pterodactyl B4.21 One of the Chess King clothing advertisements. 
Painted 1985.
Pygmalion And Galatea B3.35 
1989 Calendar
Greek Mythology:  Pygmalion, King of Cyprus, was a talented sculptor. Among the statues he carved was one of a beautiful woman that he named Galatea. In time he fell wildly in love with Galatea. She made all the flesh-and-blood women he knew seem drab in comparison. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and Love, took pity on the lovesick Pygmalion. She turned Galatea into a living woman and presided over the marriage of the two. 
Pymalion is modelled by Greg Hildebrandt, one of the twin Hildebrandt Brothers, also great artists. 
Painted 1988.
Pyramids B3.49 
Cover for Vengeance of Orion, by Ben Bova. 
Painted 1987.
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