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Waiting for the Angel ? Found on the official Boris and Julie Web site
Painted 1998?
The Waltz B4.40  Cover art for A Season and Brighton by Alice Chetwynd Ley.
Painting undated.
Warrior of The Steppes B4.52 Cover art for Battletech: The Price of Glory by William Keith Jr.
Painted 1992.
Waterfall B4.63 
This was painted for a cigarette advertising campaign.  The painting was stolen from a truck before it could be published.
Web CD1 
FAT 22 
1986 calendar
Story illustration. 
Painted 1984
Weightlifting B1.12 
1987 Calendar
Appeared in the 1987 Fantasy Olympics calendar. 
Painted 1986.
White Angel B4.76 
Painted as a cover for an Andrew Greely novel, but not used. 
Painted 1987.
White Eagle B1.24 
Cover for Red Sonja #5: Against the Prince of Hell (Ace, 1983) by David C Smith &: Richard L Tierney. 
Painted 1983.
White Magic B1.57 
FAT 31 
1980 calendar
Cover of The Magic Goes Away (Ace, 1979) by Larry Niven. 
Painted 1978.
Wilderness B1.40 
FAT 96 
1982 calendar
Book cover for Doubleday. 
Painted 1978.
WildKat CIS.3 Modelled by Kat, the sister of Julie Bell, Boris' wife. 
Painted 1996.
Winds of Altair Book cover Painted ?.
Wings of Wor B2.11 
Video game cover, featuring Nick Lavidia, one-time Mr America. 
Painted 1990.
The Wings That Cut BJ.M4 
December 1995
Painted 1994.
Winter Goddess B3.07 
1980 calendar
Painted 1978.
Wired For Sound BJ.24 One of the Chess King advertisements, featuring Dorian Vallejo as model. 
Painted 1986.
The Witch and Her Familiar B1.26 
FAT 103 
November, 1997
Marvel Comics cover. 
Painted 1982.
Wolf Master B2.59 
Cover art for Book of Skarth vol 1: The Ginger Star by Leigh Brackett.
Painted 1983.
Wolfman Mirage .
Wolves CD1 
Story illustration. 
Painted 1984.
Workout B2.14 Painted 1986.
Wrestling B1.22 
1987 Calendar
Appeared in the 1987 Fantasy Olympics calendar. 
Painted 1986.
Yesterday and Tomorrow B1.60 
Cover art for Steppe by Piers Anthony.
Painted 1985.
Yhtac B4.47 
1994 Calendar
In Patagonian mythology, Yhtac was a mermaid who was considered to be the most beautiful and elusive of all creatures. Her tail was made of gold and her skin was of pearl. A powerful sorcerer, Arasmin, created two flying beasts to carry his castle around the world until they could find her. The beasts were created with only one wing apiece so they could not fly alone. Once Arasmin found Yhtac, he presented each of the beasts with a second wing and set them free. Arasmin then transformed himself into a sea creature so that he could join the lovely Yhtac. 
Painted for a calendar, I assume the 1994 one.  The model is identified as Cathy (and Yhtac backwards is ...?), an artist whom Boris encourages.  I presume this to be Cathleen Thole, whose work is excellent and whom I have seen identified elsewhere as a protegé of Boris. 
Painted 1993.
Z For Zachariah B4.29 Book cover for the novel of the same name (Dell, 1977) by Robert O'Brien. 
Painted 1976.
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