The Borisography: I - K

I Am a Barbarian B1.10 
This was Boris' first paperback book cover, painted for ACE Books: I Am a Barbarian by Edgar Rice Burroughs. 
Painted 1975, oil, 16 x 26 inches.
Icarus In Flight B3.13 
1989 calendar
Greek Mythology: Daedelus fashioned wings for himself and his son Icarus in order that they might escape from Crete and King Minos.  Icarus, despite warnings not to fly too high, soared upwards to such a height that the wax melted, and he fell into the sea and drowned. 
Choosing to depict Icarus as full-grown and negroid is a slightly odd choice - Icarus was but a child at the time. 
Painted 1988.
The Ice Schooner B2.70 
FAT 102 
Cover art for the Mayflower Games Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Role Aides Guide entitled Ice Elves, published in 1985.
This was, I believe, also a book cover painting for Dell Books. 
Painted 1975.
Ilmarinen B3.20 
1993 calendar
Finnish Mythology: Ilmarinen was the ruler of wind and weather, travelling the sky with her sister.  She created the winds with her wings and thunder with her roar, while the sister created the electricity hurled to the Earth by Ilmarinen.  Perhaps paradoxically, these two were also known as protectors of travellers. 
Painted 1992?
In Search of the Horned Beast (Poster print) Used for the cover of Conan the Fearless (Tor, 1986) by Steve Perry. 
It is also available as part of a limited edition autographed print poster series.
In the Moons of Borea B2.38 
FAT 29 
Centre 1980 
Centre 1997
Greek Mythology: Borea was God of the North Wind.  Boris here has a young maiden pleading for mercy on the frosted land. 
Painted 1978.
In the Underworld B3.66 
1980 calendar
Painted 1978, oil, 20 x 28 inches.
Indian Chief B4.07 
This was painted for a poster company in the Netherlands. 
Painted 1993.
Instants BJ.63 
Can one possibly detect a bit of phallic symbolism there? 
Painted 1979.
Invictus B3.47 
FAT 95 
Cover for Red Sonja #4: Endithor's Daughter (Ace, 1982) by David C Smith & Richard L Tierney. 
Boris' comments on this painting: "I wanted to portray an image of the female warrior contemplating in the distance ... her thoughts, her dreams, and her ideas of what the future would bring."  Quoted from the back of the trading card. 
Painted 1982.
Iron Man B3.16 This was a promotional piece for the Iron Man Triathlon, a bodybuilding/fitness competition held in Hawaii. 
Painted ?.
Iron Warrior B1.27 
FAT 48 
This was a book cover for Conan the Wanderer (Ace), by Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter. 
It appears in the first Boris trading card set as Genie
Painted 1977.
Isaac Asimov B3.29 
FAT 18
This was the original conceptual sketch for the book cover of a collection of Asimov's Robot stories.  The figure of Asimov was eventually replaced by the figure to be seen in Chrome Robot
Painted 1985.
Jade Manikin B1.35 
Portfolio 10
Along with appearing in Mirage, this appears also to have been the cover for a book by Ballantine Books. 
Painted 1981.
Jason BJ.64 
Greek Mythology: Jason and the Argonauts, some two dozen of Greece's finest warriors, sailed on the Argos to retrieve the Golden Fleece, overcoming many dangers along the way - a tale filled with violence and treachery. 
Drawn 1991.
Javelin B2.20 
1987 Calendar 
July 1997
One of the 1987 Fantasy Olympic Calendar series. 
Painted 1985.
Jotun B3.17 
1993 Calendar
Germanic Mythology: Jotun was a benevolent being; the Valkyries made offerings to him in exchange for strength in battle.  The Jotun could adopt different shapes and would accompany the Valkyries into battle, remaining invisible to their opponents.  This painting appeared in the 1993 calendar. 
Painted 1992.
Joust B4.65 This was painted for a European movie which was never released on the movie circuit, although it was released on video, the painting being used for the cover.  Unless I mistake the face greatly, the male model is Dorian Vallejo. 
Painted 1987.
Julie/10+++ AC.1 
This work was painted by Boris for his own pleasure, rather than as a commission.  In the Artist's Choice set it is entiltled Julie, and in Comic Images Supreme it is entitled 10+++, which is a touching evaluation by Boris of his wife. 
Painted 1996.
Julie Strain . .
Kalevanpojat B3.05 
1993 Calendar
Finnish Mythology:  The giant Kalevanpojat was created by the goddess Ailej from burned trees after a forest fire, and had the ability to turn fertile land into heaps of stones, or wasteland into marshy meadows, with his magic sickle. 
It appears inverted in the Best Of Boris set. 
Painted 1992.
Kamal B4.H4 
1994 Calendar
In Icelandic mythology, an enormous spider named Cariden possessed an enchanted golden sword that would grant its owner any wish that was spoken out loud. Cariden would hang the sword in her web to lure winged fairies inside where they would be trapped and devoured. The brave and bewitching fairy Kamal tricked Cariden by entrancing her with fascinating stories. When she was close to the sword, Kamal touched it and it became hers. She then killed Cariden and became queen of the fairies. 
Painted 1993.
Karate Kick BJ.56 One of the series of advertising images for the Chess King chain. 
Painted 1986.
The Kick BJ.07 Cover for Battletech: Close Quarters (Penguin/Roc, 1994) by Victor Milan. 
The kicker is modelled by Julie Bell, and the kickee by Cathy Thole, another great artist trained by Boris. 
Painted 1994.
The King's Daughter B3.54 
FAT 87
A cover piece for Pocket Books: King's Daughter by Jane Gaskell. 
Painted 1979.
The King's Ship B4.66 Painted 1980.
Knight on Wheels B1.70 
Portfolio 25
Painted 1980.
Knighted BJ.10 Cover for Battletech: Assumption of Risk (Penguin/Roc, 1993) by Michael Stackpole. 
Painted ?.
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