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This page contains a list of all the images for which I have no idea of the title.  If you can provide me with the titles of the images, or any further information about them, please let me know.   If you know of images which are not anywhere in the catalogue (including this page), please let me know of that, too.  [Gaps exist where the images have subsequently been identified.]

Images with a bolded title have now been identified.  They will remain for a month or more, and then will be removed.  This dodge saves me having to identify all the alphabetic pages which have been updated with the information.

Images derived from Ladies show the name of the story they illustrate.


Fantasy Art Techniques
Page 7


[probably Minotaur]

[probably Ariadne And The Minotaur]





unknown 08
Cover of Eerie magazine
July 1971 

May 2000
Wings of Valour

Mirage P01 

Mirage P02

Mirage P03

Mirage P04

Mirage P05

Mirage P06

Mirage P07

Mirage P08

Mirage P09

Mirage P11

Mirage P12

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