The Borisography


This is intended as a guide to the published artwork of Boris Vallejo. Part of my reason for going to all this trouble is that many of the images are available out there on the Web but without any information such as title, instead having cryptic references like BV12. These pages provide a guide to the titles and published sources, along with such other information as I have been able to gather.

The images are intended as a visual guide only, and are intentionally small (usually 3 to 6 KB) partly to save space and minimise load times, but mostly because I don't wish to violate Boris' copyright by giving images worth reproducing. Here you will find thumbnail images only, which should be sufficient to identify the image but no more.

To limit the size of the pages and avoid really long page-load times, I have broken up the pages alphabetically. For want of a technique for sorting images visually, the images are ordered by the title of the painting. With this in mind, I hope that this is in some way a useful resource. The resources other than the alphabetic listings show all of the content of the resource. The card sets, for example, typically show 90 images. The largest item would be the CD, as this contains 200 images - if you look at these pages, be prepared to wait for a bit.

Conventions Used

The sources of images for which I have a reference (and a copy, unless otherwise noted) are identified in the index page. References in books show the page number on which the image appears.  References in sets of trading cards show an abbreviation for the set, followed by a point and the card number in the set.

If you can provide additional information such as image sources I haven't listed, or for which book the image was used as a cover, or notice any errors, please email me.

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This page was last updated on 12th August, 2000