The Borisography: D

The Dancer BJ.44 
1995 centre
Centrepiece of the 1995 Fantasy calendar. 
Painted 1994.
Daphne and Apollo B1.89 
Greek mythology: Daphne, a nymph, was pursued by Apollo.  To save her virtue, Mother Earth turned her into a laurel tree. 
Painted 1989.
Davy B4.77 
Book cover for Ballantine Books - one of 37 Boris did for them that year. 
Painted 1974, oil, 16 x 26 inches.
Dawn BJ.12 
Painted 1995.
A Day For Damnation B4.30 Cover for A Day for Damnation (Pocket Books, 1985) by David Gerrold, which is book #2 in The War Against the Chtorr series. 
This painting was completed in just one day, which is unusual for Boris. 
Painted 1985.
Daydream B2.68 
See also Antecorn.
Death Ride BOB.50 Concept sketch for a Bond movie poster featuring Sean Connery.  The concept was not approved for final production. 
Sketched 1983.
Deathstalker . Movie poster for Deathstalker
Painting date is not clear.
Deathstalker II B1.05 
Claimed in B1 to be the first of four Deathstalker paintings. This one was the movie poster for Deathstalker II, for which reason it is called Deathstalker II here. 
Painted 1986.
Deathstalker IV B2.36 
Number four in the Deathstalker series. 
Painted 1991.
Deijaneira and Nessus B1.88 
Portfolio 28
Herakles and Deijaneira were crossing a river when Nessus offered to carry the lady across.  He ran away with her, but Herakles shot an arrow from the far bank, killing Nessus. 
Painted 1989.
Deijaneira B3.15 
As Nessus lay dying, he told Deijaneira to keep some of his blood and to wash Herakles' coat in it should he ever stray.  In a fit of jealousy she did this, and the blood seared Herakles' skin, causing him great suffering, from which he would have died had not Zeus elevated him to the stars. 
Painted 1990.
The Demon in the Mirror B2.72 
Cover for Demon in the Mirror (Pocket Books, 1978) by Andrew J Offutt & Richard K Lyon. 
Painted 1977, oil, 17 x 26 inches.
Demon Released B1.71 Painted 1978.
Diana and Actaeon B3.62 
1989 calendar
Greek mythology: the goddess who is the counterpart of the Roman Artemis.  Diana, the Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, was bathing in a forest spring one day when she was surprised by the hero Actaeon. Angered by his intrusion, Diana dashed water in his face and turned him into an animal. Subsequently, he was chased and slain by his own hounds, who no longer recognized him. 
Painted ?. 
Note: in the Best Of Boris set, the titles of cards 64 and 34 are interchanged.
The Discovery of Americal . Illustration for National Lampoon magazine.
Discus Thrower B1.45 
Portfolio 15 
1987 calendar
One of the paintings in the 1987 Fantasy Olympics calendar (how I'd love to get a copy of this calendar). 
Painted 1986.
Diving B1.autograph 
1987 calendar
One of the paintings for the 1987 Fantasy Olympics calendar. 
Painted 1986.
Dolphin B3.24 
Cover piece for Ecco the Dolphin video game.  In the Best of Boris set, the image is inverted left-to-right from the correct orientation shown here. 
Painted 1992.
Domes B1.20 
Cover of Massacre in the 22nd Century (Ace/Tempo Books, 1980), which is book #1 in the Flash Gordon series. The author is apparently David Hagberg, although he isn't credited as such anywhere in my copy of the book. 
Painted 1980.
Dorian B2.89 This painting, with its large blank area at the top, has the look of a book cover piece.  I presume the title to be because the model is Boris' son Dorian. 
Painted 1980.
Doris CD1 Presumably a painting of his ex-wife, Doris. 
Painted 1985.
Dracula B4.43 
Cover for Dracula (Tor, 1989) by Bram Stoker. 
Although Boris seldom reworks a painting, he added the nude woman to represent the romantic aspect of the Dracula legend.  Personally, I feel that being naked on a windswept moor at night would be less than comfortable ... 
The original image appears at left. 
Painted 1992.
The Dragon and the George 1 B2.15 
Boris posed for this painting, using a rented suit of armour and a rocking horse as props.   This was the cover for the paperback version of Gordon R Dickson's The Dragon & the George published in 1976, book 1 of the Dragon Knight series (see Dragon's Knight), for which information I am indebted to Bernard Rogers. 
Painted 1976, oil, 16 x 27 inches.
The Dragon and the George 2 B2.16 
The publisher felt that the girl's panties were too revealing, and had another artist commit a major sacrilege by painting larger ones on her.  This was the cover for the hardback version of Gordon R Dickson's The Dragon & The George published in 1976, book 1 of the Dragon Knight series (see Dragon's Knight), for which information I am indebted to Bernard Rogers. 
Painted 1976, oil, 16 x 23 inches.
Dragon Maiden B3.51 
1980 calendar
Cover for The Dragon (Pocket Books, 1979) by Jane Gaskell, which is volume 2 in The Atlan Saga
Painted 1978.
Dragon Prince CD1 
1986 calendar
An illustration for the book Enchantment
Painted 1984.
Dragon Wars . Cover art for the Dragon Wars game by Interplay.  I am told (by someone with a moniker of AhGods) that this was originally released in the late 80s, and rereleased in 1998.
Dragon's Birth FAT 78 Cover art for Dragon magazine.
Painted 1981.
Dragon's Duel BJ.82 Cover for Elvenblood by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey. 
Painted 1994.
Dragon's Knight B1.33 
Portfolio 12
This was the cover of The Dragon Knight by Gordon R Dickson, published in 1990, being book 2 of the Dragon Knight series (see also The Dragon & the George I & II), for which information I am indebted to Bernard Rogers. 
Painted 1990.
Dragonfly AC.2 
1996 calendar
The model for this painting was Julie Bell, Boris' wife.  See also Sunai, the title given elsewhere. 
Painted 1994.
The Dream Sorceress B4.79 Cover art for Dangerous Journeys: The Samarkand Solution by Gary Gygax.
Painted 1992.
Dreamsnake 1980 calendar Produced for Dell Publishing Co in 1979.
The Dryads B4.34 
1993 calendar
Painted 1981.
Duel B2.51 
See also Earth Magic.
Dumbbell B1.43 
Portfolio 14
A large image based on this was used as a banner by spectators at an Australian TV game show (Gladiators?  I'm not sure). 
Painted 1987.
Dungeon B1.21 
Movie poster art for iDeathstalker III.
Painted 1988.
Duthina on the Unicorn BJ.U3 
June 1996
Painted 1995.
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