The Borisography: E

Eagle Mirage .
Earth Magic B2.51 
Cover for the book Earth Magic (Ace, 1978) by Alexei & Cory Panshin. 
Painted 1978.
Egyptian Warrior B1.07 
Portfolio 3
Painted 1986.
Eight Candles Glowing FABV Book cover for Ballantine Books.  See also The Glowing Candle
Painted 1976, oil, 16 x 26 inches
Elephant B1.11 
Book cover for Tarzan & The Castaways, Ballantine Books. 
Painted 1975, oil, 18 x 24 inches.
Elijah B1.77 
Painted 1981.
Elijah II B2.27 
Boris modelled for all four men in this unpublished painting. 
Painting undated.
The Elvenbane B3.22 
Cover for The Elvenbane (Tor, 1991) by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey. 
Painted 1991.
Enchantment B1.66 
1986 calendar
This painting is an illustration for the story of the same name as well as the cover for the book with stories by Boris' first wife, Doris. 
Painted 1984.
The End of Restless Sleep BJ.M6 
September 1995
The title quoted is taken from the card set. 
Painted 1994.
Enemy from Within BJ.75 
October 1995
Painted 1994.
Equestrian B2.45 
1987 calendar
One of the Fantasy Olympics series, this painting shows a counterpart of an equestrian event mounted on dragonback 
Painted 1986.
Es and the Creation B1.86 
Sek (Syberian) mythology: Es, the sky god, created the world, and carved the people from the mountains.  The newly-created people are clothed, which is presumably a sop to the prurient, but this strikes a jarring note in the image. 
Painted 1989.
Eternal Champion B3.46 
FAT 97 
The model in this case is Boris himself 
Painted 1979.
Eurydice BJ.83 
Greek mythology: The wife of Orpheus, Eurydice was stolen by the god of the underworld.  With his enchanting music, Orpheus charmed the god into giving him permission to take her back, on condition that he did not look back at her until they were back on Earth.  He fell prey to temptation, and lost her again. 
Painted 1991. 
Excalibur B2.22 This was a magazine illustration about the book Mists of Avalon
Painted 1983.
The Executioner CD1 
FAT 73 
Cover art for The Four Wishes: Cheon of Wettanland #1 by Charlotte Stone.
Cover art for the Czech version of Nomads of Gor II, which is possibly the same book as the English Assassin of Gor.  The Gor books are written by John Norman. 
Painted 1983.
Exorcism Enchantment Story illustration. 
Painted 1984.
The Exterminator B1.68 
Cover for A Matter for Men (Pocket Books, 1983) by David Gerrold, subtitled The War Against The Chtorr, Book 1
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