The Borisography: F

Female Wrestlers B3.28 
FAT 115 
1986 calendar
This was painted for National Lampoon.  The image in B1says "Happy 8th Birthday" with the 8 in bright white and a different font, while Fantasy Art Techniques reads "Happy 15th", and the CD says "8th" - in FAT, though, the lettering is all the same colour, so this was presumably the original, the others being a retreaded image. 
Painted 1984.
Firewalker B2.58 
Cover art for Firedance by Scott Baker.
Painted 1986.
Fire Witch
First Love B2.42 
The titles for First Love and Alone are interchanged on the CD. 
Painted 1981.
5000 Volts BJ17 Cover for Battletech: D.R.T. (Penguin/Roc, 1994) by James Long. 
The model for the main figure is Ron Coleman, once Mr Olympia, a personal trainer at Boris' gym and frequently a subject in his paintings. 
Painted 1996?
Flight CD1 
1986 calendar
Painted 1984.
The Flight of the Horse FABV This is the cover of Larry Niven's book with the same title (Ballantine, 1973). 
Painted 1973, oil, 16 x 26 inches.
Floating Island B4.S2 
Cover of William Shatner's Tekwar.  The hardcover version has the full painting, the paperback has the left half only. 
Painted 1989.
Flowering Nest BJ.74 
August 1995
Painted 1994.
Flying Centaur B2.07 
This was, apparently, a controversial painting - presumably, the objectors have a curious notion of the anatomy of horses. 
Painted 1980.
Flying Menace B3.39 
FAT 100 
February 1997
Book cover for The Web of Wizardry (Del Rey, 1978) by Jaunita Coulson. 
Painted 1978.
Flying Sorceror B3.63 
Cover art for The Flying Sorceror by Larry Niven, I am told (and I thought I had all Niven's books). 
Painted 1976, oil, 16 x 26 inches.
Football Hero B1.73 
FAT 51
This was an illustration for Playboy magazine 
Painted 1982.
Forever Moments CD1 
Painted 1979.
The Four Riders B3.43 
Painted 1978.
Frankenstein B4.82 Possibly the cover for Frankenstein (Tor, 1994) by Mary Shelley. Quite obviously, this is the monster, not the surgeon.  Also used as a promotional card for the Boris 4 set. 
Painted 1993.
Freebooter B3.57 
1982 calendar
Cover for Conan the Freebooter by Robert E Howard & L Sprague de Camp. This is one of several Boris paintings which are (or seem to be) Conan book cover illustrations but which do not include "Conan" in the title, presumably for copyright reasons.  See also The Magnificent, Two-Headed Monster, The Victorious as examples.  Possible the best of these (see In Search of the Horned Beast) I have seen only as an autographed poster, for which I am not prepared to pay $100! 
Painting undated.
Freedom BOB.40 Painted as a movie poster.  The movie was cancelled, and the painting never used. 
Painted 1992.
Freya B4.31 
1994 calendar
German mythology: One of the wives of Odin, the lovely Valkyrie Freya was the German goddess of love. With her great strength, each day she pulled away the darkness that covered the sun and made way for the brilliance of daylight. Her magic golden necklace, a gift that Odin had forged for her in the sun, helped Freya subdue the darkness. 
Painted ?.
From Infinity to Eternity BJ.89 
Centre 1996
This was the centrepiece for the 1996 calendar. 
Painted 1995.
Full Moon B3.30 
FAT 26 
1986 calendar
Story illustration for Full Moon
Painted 1984.
The Furies B3.03 
1992 calendar
Greek mythology:  The Furies visited vengeance on mortals who had offended the gods.  Julie Bell posed for the main figure in this painting. 
Painted 1991.
The Future Is Here BJ.76 Not evident at this scale is that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is about to gobble up a spacecraft. 
Painted 1987.
Future Trouble BJ.70 Cover for one of William Shatner's Tek books, in this case Teklords (Ace, 1991).  Boris has done cover paintings for several of these books. 
Painting date not visible on the reproduction.
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