The Borisography: G

Galaxie Fighters B3.37 This was a promotional poster for the Buck Rogers movie, which was never used.  I've tried to remove the prismatic effects, but I have slightly botched the planet below the characters - I might try to do better one day. 
Painted 1979.
Cover for 'Games' Magazine FAT 55 A cover painted for Games World magazine. 
Painted 1984.
Gateway B3.34 
Book cover for Ballantine Books: Gateway by Frederick Pohl. 
Painted 1978, oil, 16 x 26 inches.
Gateways In The Sand B2.06 
This was painted as an ad for the Book of the Month Club
Painted 1976, oil, 12 x 17 inches.
Gemini, The Twins B1.50 
Portfolio 18 
1988 Calendar
1988 Mythology calender by Workman Publishing. 
Painted 1987.
The General Zapped an Angel B1.75 
Cover for The General Zapped an Angel (Ace, 1978), an anthology of short stories by Howard Fast. 
Painted 1978.
Genie B1.27 
FAT 48
This was a book cover for Conan the Wanderer, (Ace) by Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter. 
Appears in Fantasy Art Techniques as Iron Warrior
Painted 1977.
The Girl Who Owned a City B4.73 
Cover for a book by O T Nelson published by Dell Books.  The models include Boris' own children Dorian and Maya. 
Painted 1977.
Glossomer Wings Mirage .
The Glowing Candle B4.04 
Cover for Eight Candles Glowing, Ballantine Books. 
Painted 1976, oil, 16 x 26 inches.
Godsfire August 1980 Painted ?
Golden Ax B3.60 
Cover for the Golden Axe II video game by Sega. It shows the male and female hero types and the dwarf warrior. 
Painted 1989.
Golden Wings B1.58 
1980 calendar
Painted 1978, oil, 20 x 28 inches.
The Gorgon BJ.26 
Drawn 1991.
Gothic Nightmare B4.25 
Drawn 1979.
Gracus CD1 Painted 1978
The Greatest Weapon: Experience BJ.02 
March 1995
March 1995 calendar page. 
Painted 1994.
Gryphon B3.33 
1992 calendar
Painted 1991.
Gryphon Keeper B4.72 
This painting was also used on the promotional mini-sheet. 
Painted 1989.
Gryphon's Eerie B1.04 
FAT 57
I presume the spelling to be a subtle pun which one would understand if one knew what book was being illustrated (perhaps Gryphon's Eyrie by Andre Norton & A C Crispin?).  The title in the Best of Boris set is given as Gryphon's Aire, which I presume to be an error. 
Painted 1984.
A Guide To Barsoom FABV Book cover for Ballantine Books. 
Painted 1976, oil, 16 x 26 inches.
Gymnastics B3.01 
1987 Calendar
This appeared in the 1987 Fantasy Olympics calendar. 
Painted 1986.
Gypsy BJ.69 This is the lower half of a wrap-around book cover.  The upper half has been lost. 
Painted ?.
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