The Borisography: L


Lady in Red B2.41 
Painted 1982.
The Lasas B2.08 Painted 1990.
Last Stand B1.69 
FAT 47 
Book cover for Portal Publications. 
On the CD the image is in fact a duplication of Leda & the Swan. In Fantasy Art Techniques the title is given as Last Battle
Painted 1978 (painting undated - unusual for Boris).
  The Lavalite World B1.23 
FAT 21 
Portfolio 7 
1982 calendar
Book cover for Philip José Farmer's The Lavalite World (Ace, 1977). 
Painted 1977.
Leather Jacket BJ.27 
Painted 1980.
Leda and the Swan B1.84 
Greek Mythology: Leda was one of the many young ladies who were "seduced" (frequently unwillingly) by Zeus and subsequently punished by Hera.  In this instance, he charmed her as a swan, then changed form when he was close enough. 
The pencil drawing from Ladies is also featured in B4.44.  The painting was featured in the 1989 Mythology calendar. 
Painted 1989.
Leo B2.23 
1988 Calendar
From the 1988 Zodiac calendar. 
Painted 1987.
Libra B2.55 
1988 Calendar
From the 1988 Zodiac calendar. 
Painted 1987.
Lilith B4.H1 
1994 Calendar
A female demon of Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam's first wife. When Adam attempted to dominate her, she cursed him and flew away. Lilith then spent her time coupling with demons of the air and sea, often generating great typhoons from the excitement. 
From the 1994 calendar.   Offered for sale on the official Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell Web site under the title Sea
Painted 1933.
Live Tattoos B2.25 
This painting was for a company which makes temporary tattoos.  Some of their tattoos were featured in the movie Tattoo. 
The painting has an interesting mixture of Boris' normal realistic work and flat tattoo-style components. 
Painted 1988.
Loch Ness Monster FAT 32 
1982 calendar
The only information in FAT is that this is an illustration for Busch Gardens.  I am told by Bernard Rogers that Busch Gardens is a zoo, and that he has read that the painting is on the wall of the restaurant.  The title is taken from the calendar.  [CD1 has a file with the name lochness, which is unfortunately a duplicate of the image for Lavalite World.  Presumably it should have contained this image.] 
The painting is undated.
Logo Design BJ.73 A logo design for Moore & Price, a San Francisco agency dealing with video games. 
Painted 1993.
London 2500 AD B4.S3 
Cover for Teklab by William Shatner, published by Berkely Books. 
Painted 1991.
Lord of the Wolves B1.42 
FAT 35 
1980 calendar
Book cover for The Ginger Star (Ballantine, 1979), by Leigh Brackett, which is volume 1 of The Book of Skaith trilogy. 
Painted before 1980.
Loria B4.H4 
1994 Calendar
Loria, a powerful enchantress in Slavic mythology, knew of a secret cave where a magical jewelled fish named Alionu lived. When she visited Alionu, Loria would bring offerings to feed him. In return, he would grant her wisdom and magic. 
From the 1994 calendar. 
Painted 1993.
Lost World IOJ.72 This is the sole new entrant published in the Images of Josephine card set, which features mostly photographs taken by Boris and Julie Bell and which they use as reference when painting.  He has also published a book of his photographs, entitled Bodies by Boris.  This book and most of the card set don't interest me, as I admire his artwork, not his reference material. 
Painted 1996.
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